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Issue Vol. 34, Vol. 3, Jul. - Sept. 2019

Article topics include:

• 2020 license and registration renewals
• Notice - Licensee Portal
• Welcome to new employees
• ALBME social media guidelines
• Starting Nov. 18 Gabapentin will be a Schedule V drug
• Administrative rule changes
• Public actions of the Board and Commission

Newsletter Archives
Volume 34 (2019) Featured articles
No. 1 • New Executive and Associate Executive Directors
• Administrative rule changes
• Doctors positively impacting state's opioid crisis
• Notice to Limited License Holders
• What do you need to know about CME for controlled substances?
• 2018 Annual Report
• NarxCareTM comes to PDMP
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 2 • ALBME welcomes new Board members for 2019-2020
• Effective Nov. 18:  Gabapentin changed to Schedule V
• Underwood Minority Scholarship Award announced
• Do you have patients who live or travel extensively outside the country?
• Be sure of accreditation status of ALS, PALS, ACLS providers
• Disaster planning for your medical practice
• DEA warns of alarming increase in scam calls
• Use of lasers and other modalities affecting living human tissue
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 3 • 2020 license and registration renewals
• Notice - Licensee Portal
• Welcome to new employees
• ALBME social media guidelines
• Starting Nov. 18 Gabapentin will be a Schedule V drug
• Administrative rule changes
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 4 January 2020
Volume 33 (2018) Featured articles
No. 1 • ALBME 2017 Annual Report
• Controlled subs. prescribing issues for mid-levels/physicians
• Reminder:  New CME requirement for ACSC holders
• Health professionals disaster response volunteer network
• Alabama physician workforce profile
• APHP announces reorganization
• Web site and online licensure update
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 2 • BME/MLC welcome new members
• Naloxone available OTC
• In Memoriam: Ronnie Lee Lewis, MD
• Kenneth Aldridge, MD, receives Garber Galbraith Medical-Political Award
• BME staff update
• New:  Additional QACSC at lower fee
• CME opportunities
• Alabama Quitline
• Online application forms available this fall
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 3 • 2019 license and registration renewals
• Notice to Limited and Retired Senior Volunteer License Holders
• Benzodiazepine use, misuse, and abuse
• Important reminder for collaborative practice physicians
• Changes to Office Based Surgery registration
• Attn:  lawful aliens/foreign national licensees
• Licensee Portal update
• FSMB: regulating use of stem cell and regenerative therapies
• IMLC now covers half the country
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 4 • Board members recognized
• Recent physician survey responses highlight issues with EHRs
• Medical conditions/controlled substances and operating vehicles
• Clarence Neal "Buddy" Canup, MD, in memoriam
• Important information for mid-level practitioners
• Board rule changes
• Special registration for prescribing controlled substances via telemedicine
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
Volume 32 (2017) Featured articles
No. 1 • Questions about the new RMS rule
• How to register for the AL Electronic Death Registration System
• ALBME names new executive director
• Risk and abuse mitigation strategies for prescribing physicians
• 2016 ALBME annual report
• If you need help - Alabama Physician Health Program
• Public actions of the Board and Commission  
No. 2 • Rescheduling selected drugs
• Board welcomes new members Drs. Jordan, Lewis and Rogers
• Board says farewell to Drs. Goetter and Smith
• Social media and electronic communication with patients
• Notices and reminders
• CME requirement for ACSC registrants FAQs
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 3 • Big changes to web site, online renewal applications
• 2018 license and registration renewals
• Notices to Limited/RSV/nonpermanent legally present licensees
• Changes coming to PDMP
• DEA releases 2017 Drugs of Abuse resource guide
• FDA to require expanded training on opioids
• Achieve successful transition to MACRA's QPP
• PAs/CRNPs/CNMs prescribing to self or immediate family
• CME notices
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 4 • African-American female Dr. Halle Tanner Dillon
• Repairing "difficult" patient-clinician relationships
• Free refresher training for Certified Medical Examiners
• PDMP update
• How to make HIPAA disclosures during mass tragedies
• Interstate Medical Licensure Compact update
• CME in 2018
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
Volume 31 (2016) Featured articles
No. 1 • 2015 Annual Report
• Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
• Alabama's Electronic Death Registration System
• Meet Norris W. Green, Associate Executive Director
• How does the PDMP apply to me?
• Need CME?  Prescribing of Controlled Drugs and Opioid Prescribing
• Medical Association News
• Professionalism in the use of social media
• CME compliance
• Public actions of the Board and Commission  
No. 2 •  AIM Award for Development of Prescribing Courses
•  Medical Assoc. Honors BME Investigator Munson
•  Meet the New Board Members
•  BME Investigations: What Happens When There is a Complaint?
•  George Smith, Sr., MD, Receives National Award
•  Opioid Pain Medicines - FDA Warning
•  William F. Addison, Esq., Retires
•  Meet the Staff:  E. Wilson Hunter, Esq.
•  BME Mourns Loss of Staff Member Cindy Kirsch Smith
•  Public actions of the Board and Commission
No. 3 • Billing Fraud
• New Federal Buprenorphine Prescribing Rule
• 2017 License and Registration Renewals
• Notice to Limited License and Retired Senior Volunteer license holders
• CME Requirement for Physicians and Physician Assistants
• Important Reminder for Collaborative Practice Physicians
• Attention Lawful Aliens/Foreign National Licensees
• CDC Develops Useful Resources for Physicians and Patients
• Notice for Dispensing Physicians
• Famous Alabama Physician:  Peter Henderson Bryce, MD
No. 4 • A report on Interstate Medical Licensing Compact
• Important notice from DEA (change in renewal process)
• FDA warns of combining opioids and benzodiazepines
• Healthcare personnel should get influenza immunization
• HHS announces actions to combat opioid epidemic
• In memory of James "Nick" Nichols
• Public actions of the Board and Commission
• CME in 2017
Volume 30 (2015) Featured articles
No. 1 • Collaborative Practice Agreement renewal and termination
• Alabama BME Annual Report
• In memory of Arthur F. Toole, Jr., MD
• Differentiation between electronically transmitted and electronic medical record produced prescriptions
•  Public actions of the Board and Commission  
No. 2 •  Alabama joins Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
•  Patients, pain and physicians
•  Communication between physicians and patients
•  Internet drug sellers:  what providers need to know
•  Notice: Requesting medication approvals under LPSP
•  Public actions of the Board and Commission  
No. 3 •  Arrest, Search and Seizure in Mobile
•  2016 License and Registration Renewals
•  Notice to Limited License and RSVP License Holders
•  Professionalism in the Practice of Medicine (reprint)
•  Tribute to William Jefferson Terry, MD
•  PA Corner - FTE Increase, 2016 Renewals
•  Reminders - Dispensing, Lawful Alien Licenses, FDA -Testosterone
•  Public actions of the Board and Commission   
No. 4 •  Outside expert witnesses needed
•  The distressed physician:  Not 'bad doctor'
•  John Meigs, MD, FAAFP, elected president elect of the AAFP
•  Ann Streetman Shiver retires after 36 years
•  Notice regarding Contrave®
•  Update:  Board Rules Chapter 540-X-15, Telehealth
•  10 Big healthcare predictions for 2016
•  Public actions of the Board and Commission
Volume 29 (2014) Featured articles
No. 1 •  The pain medication dilemma
•  Medical examiners must be certified to conduct DOT physicals
•  Ending diversion of prescribed medicines
•  2013 Annual Report
•  Providing records of other physicians
•  Termination of collaborative practice/registration agreement
No. 2 •  Terminating a physician/patient relationship
•  Alert regarding hormone pellet placement
•  Dixon receives lifetime achievement award
•  November courses - medical ethics, prescribing of controlled drugs, ER/LA Opioid Analgesics REMS
No. 3 •  License renewal: proving US citizenship/lawful permanent resident status
•  2015 license/registration renewals
•  DEA final rule reschedules hydrocodone combination products
•  Physician impairment: what should I do?
•  Limited Purpose Schedule II Permit (LPSP)
No. 4 •  Limited Purpose Schedule II Permits for NPs and PAs
•  Alert regarding hormone pellet therapy
•  Q&A:  Disruptive behavior among physicians
•  Physician impairment: what should I do?
•  FDA approves new, hard to abuse hydrocodone pill
•  Third edition of "Responsible Opioid Prescribing" book
•  UAB School of Nursing Ebola course
•  PA Corner
Volume 28 (2013) Featured articles
No. 1 • Special 2013 Legislative Edition
• Immigration Act requires proof of citizenship/legal presence
• Drug Abuse and Diversion package becomes law
• Nurse Practitioner prescribing legislation passes 
No. 2 • Pain Medicine Legislation:  An overview
• Nurse practitioner prescribing update
• 2012 Annual Report
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy uses and abuses
• Physician Health Program reporting requirements
• Report of public actions of Board and Commission
Volume 27 (2012) Featured articles
No. 1 •  Treating androgen deficiency in the aging male
•  BME 2011 Annual Report
•  DEA announcement - carisoprodol (Soma)
•  Dispensing physician registration
•  A call to preceptors
No. 2 • Testosterone replacement from endocrinologist's perspective
• CME rule amendment - grace period eliminated
• Providing records of other physicians
• PA controlled substances prescribing reminder
• Reminder - collaborative practice renewal and termination
No. 3 •  Board expresses concern regarding use of chelating agents
•  2013 license and registration renewals
•  BME/MASA educational programs offer valuable CME
•  Registrations with the Board (office-based surgery, lasers, dispensing)
•  Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (P.A.s) requirements
•  DEA certification for electronic prescribing
•  Use of non-validated substances for weight reduction under scrutiny
•  Maintenance of licensure (MOL) update
No. 4 • Health Department survey/email address request
• Update on chelation therapy study
• Board to address prescription drug diversion
• Legibility of prescriptions, required info a concern to pharmacists
•  Medicaid announces enrollment requirements
•  Home assessments and home visits
•  Termination of collaborative practice/registration agreement
•  Avoid complaints to the Board
•  Special pull-out section - Board rules on prescribing/pain management
Volume 26 (2011) Featured articles
No. 1 • DEA rules for electronic prescribing of controlled substances
• ABME 2010 Annual Report
• MASA/ABME prescribing seminar
• AMA policy for use of social media
• Prescription Drug Monitoring Database
No. 2 • Best of Boards Award - Collaborative Practice Seminar
• AQAF membership for physicians
• PDMP database system upgraded
• PAs controlled substances prescribing protocol
• Activities misunderstood to confer Category 1 credit
• Providing records of other physicians
No. 3 • 2012 license and registration renewals
• Volunteering for health emergencies
• CME reminders
• ADPH invites physicians to volunteer through Alabama Responds
• Prescription drug monitoring program important reminders
No. 4 • Male infertility - a common side effect of testosterone therapy
• Registration for office based surgery
• DEA e-prescribing rules clarifications
• New Board Rule - utilizing controlled substances for weight reduction
• Report of public actions of Board and Commission
Volume 25 (2010) Featured articles
No. 1 • Board discourages use of HCG for treatment of obesity
• Office-based surgical procedures
• MASA/ABME prescribing seminar
• Rules governing the use of lasers
• Treating and prescribing to family members
No. 2 • Medical communication
• CME requirement change for 2010
• Maintenance of licensure
• Treating and prescribing to family members - a follow up
• FDA on lipodissolve, refilling pain pumps
No. 3 • Information for 2011 renewals
• Understanding CME:  what are Category 1 or equivalent credits?
• Exercise care in annual renewals
• Surveys determine benefit eligibility (ADPH)
No. 4 • Use of non FDA approved hormones
• Changes to Office Based Surgery Rules
• 2010 Annual Report
• DEA policy change - authorized agent
• FDA electronic tools
Volume 24 (2009) Featured articles
No. 1 • New collaborative practice rules by CMS
• Appropriate prescription formats
• MASA/ABME prescribing seminar
• Utilization of mid-level practitioners
• PDMP a useful tool
No. 2 • Using controlled substances for the treatment of pain
• A Board member's thoughts on obtaining CME
• Ala. Act expands PA prescribing
• PDMP zero based reporting
• FSMB honors MLC member, BME Executive Director
No. 3 • Information for 2010 renewals
• CME requirement to change for 2011 renewals
• Prescribing controlled substances by PAs
• FSMB news
No. 4 • The value of physician health programs
• Prescribing controlled drugs seminar
• Required information for prescription forms
• QACSC rules
• Potential indicators of drug abuse/fraud
Volume 23 (2008) Featured articles
No. 1 • Recommendations for weight loss programs
• Online communication with patients
• Rules about medical records
• Utilization of mid-level practitioners
• Signature requirements for prescriptions
No. 2 • Using the PDMP database
• Ambulance transport rules
• Laser rules compliance date approaching
• Retired senior volunteer program
• Internet prescribing legislation passes US Senate
No. 3 • Professional sexual misconduct
• Criminal background checks
• Treating and prescribing to family members
• ADPH publishes list of controlled substances
No. 4 •  Avoid complaints to the Board
•  Patient conditions reportable by physicians
•  What to expect in a collaborative practice audit
•  Joint Commission issues alert on disruptive behavior
•  Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act
Volume 22 (2007) Featured articles
No. 1 • Advertising by physicians
• Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
• Board opinions - joint injections by mid-level practitioners
No. 2 • Avoid common prescription problems
• CMS rule requiring tamper-proof prescription pads
• Collaborative agreements/registration
• Procedures for PAs performing skin biopsies
No. 3 • Board adopts rules for using lasers
• Laser rules increase physician responsibilities
• Use of Methadone for chronic pain management
No. 4 • DEA rule change on frequency of prescribing controlled substances
• Anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs
• Weight loss clinics cause concern for the Board
• Resigning hospital privileges may have unintended consequences
• Over-the-counter insulin users may forego regular doctor visits
Volume 21 (2006) Featured articles
No. 1 • Using mid-level medical practitioners
• Prescription Drug Monitoring Program - Board Rules
• Professionalism in the practice of medicine
• Board encourages prevention (chemical dependency)
No. 2 • Laser use in clinical medicine
• Physician medical records
• Board revises PA joint procedures policy
• Board opinion - facial biopsies, arthocentesis, joint injection by mid-levels
• Board opinion - pain pumps and dispensing physicians
• Closing or retiring from a practice
No. 3 • What to expect if a representative of the Board visits your office
• Physician responsibilities when managing reports from screening agencies
• BME issues opinion on pain pump refills
• Internet prescribing
No. 4 • Store-based health clinics - guidelines to promote quality and safety
• Communication between physicians and patients
• Board opinions - ear stapling
• The sagging of medical professionalism

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