Purpose and mission

The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners and the Medical Licensure Commission of Alabama are charged with protecting the health and safety of the citizens of the state of Alabama.

Duties of the Board

  • Certify that initial applicants meet the statutory requirements for a license to practice medicine or osteopathy or as assistants to physicians in Alabama.
  • Issue Alabama Controlled Substances Certificates and annually renew.
  • With the Alabama Board of Nursing, approve applications for collaborative practice in Alabama.
  • Investigate and review complaints against practitioners and pursue disciplinary action when appropriate.
  • Establish and review compliance with continuing medical education requirements for physicians and assistants to physicians.

Duties of the Commission

  • Issue licenses for physicians to practice medicine or osteopathy in Alabama and annually renew licenses.
  • Adjudicate formal charges brought by the Board against physicians and determine appropriate disciplinary resolution.

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