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What information is provided?

What information is not provided?

Is the information provided through the licensee search considered primary source verification?

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How to use the licensee search
  • Enter licensee last name, licensee first name, or license number (choose license type from drop down menu) and click "search."
    • You may also choose to narrow your search by selecting a County from the dropdown list.
  • You Must Check the "I am not a Robot" box.
  • Results page will list matches.
  • If you wish to filter your results even more you can:
    • Click on one of the Headings to sort by that heading.
    • Type in the "Filters" section under each heading. NOTE: Do not press Enter just type in the "Filters" section.

  • Click the printer icon to view/print the license detail information.
  • To print, click the print button at the bottom of the screen.

What information is provided?
  • License information, including name, license number, license issue date, license expiration date, medical school, medical school attendance dates.
  • ACSC/QACSC information: whether the licensee holds controlled substances prescribing privileges, certificate number, date issued, date of expiration.
  • Practice type and location (provided by licensee and not certified to be accurate)
  • Physician extender information: lists CRNPs/CNMs in collaborative practice with physicians and P.A.s/A.A.s registered to physicians.
  • Disciplinary action information: license actions are indicated by a "yes" in the row entitled "Public file." If there are disciplinary actions, you can download a .pdf file of the documents using the Public Log File database **You may need to refresh your screen (F5) when accessing public file .pdfs if you have opened it in the past**

What information is not provided?
  • Some information is confidential pursuant to state law:
    • patient complaints
    • malpractice case information
    • investigations

  • Additionally, full addresses and birth dates are not provided for security reasons.

Is the information provided through the licensee search considered primary source verification?
  • Data obtained from the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners/Medical Licensure Commission Licensee Search is directly from the database of the Medical Licensure Commission, the data is secure, and updates are reflected daily and may be considered the most current information available.
  • The Medical Licensure Commission attests to the accuracy and timeliness of the data. The Medical Licensure Commission is of the opinion that organizations can rely on the verified online licensure verification information available through the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners Licensee Search as primary source verification.

Printable statement of data accuracy/primary source verification

  • The following list is information that is verified by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners or Medical Licensure Commission:
    • license number
    • issue date
    • expiration date
    • medical school information

  • Our licensees submit some data that is not verified by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners or Medical Licensure Commission, such as specialty and location.
  • If you have additional questions, use one of the methods listed on the contact information page.

Key to license numbers/types

  • Full physician license:
    MD.##### (medical doctor)
    DO.#### (doctor of osteopathy)
  • Assistant to physician license:
    PA.#### (physician assistant)
    AA.#### (anesthesiologist assistant)
  • Limited physician license*:
    (suffixes: R=resident; F=fellow; SP=specialty professor; DP=distinguished professor;
    VP=visiting professor; SI=state institution)
  • Physician practicing across state lines:
    SP.### (special purpose license)
  • Retired senior volunteer license:
  • Controlled substances certificate:
    ACSC.##### (physicians)
    QACSC.#### (physician assistants)
  • Limited Purpose Schedule II Permit (LPSP):

    *Limited licensees may practice medicine only within the confines of the postgraduate training program, medical school or state institution
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