Declaration of citizenship and lawful presence of an alien

Update for license renewals for legally present (non-permanent) aliens:

A person applying for or renewing a professional license is required to sign a declaration of U.S. citizenship and demonstrate U.S. citizenship or demonstrate lawful presence in the U.S., which is then verified by the federal government. After initial demonstration and verification of U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residence in the U.S. is made, further demonstration of such status is not required.

Those licensees who are not U.S. citizens and who submitted documentation of lawful presence of an alien (not lawful permanent residents) are required to submit updated documentation of lawful presence or U.S. citizenship prior to renewing their licenses.  Those licensees should download the form by clicking the link below and submitting the completed form along with proper documentation to 



Mail to

PO Box 946
Montgomery AL 36101-0946
(street address 848 Washington Ave., 36104)

It is important that licensees who are lawfully present aliens comply with this request in a timely manner.

A licensee will not be permitted to renew a license until this agency is in receipt of the signed Declaration and accompanying documentation.

Pursuant to the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, as amended by Act 2012-491, the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners (ABME) and the Medical Licensure Commission of Alabama (MLC) are required to obtain information concerning U. S. citizenship or lawful status in the U. S. before certificates of qualification/licenses can be initially granted or renewed.


If you have a PA, AA or TA license contact:

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