Use of controlled substances for weight reduction

See Board Rules, Chapter 540-X-17, Guidelines and Standards for the Utilization of Controlled Substances for Weight Reduction


May a physician prescribe a Schedule II prescription for weight reduction?

A physician shall not prescribe any Schedule II amphetamine or Schedule II amphetamine-like anorectic drug, or Schedule II sympathomimetic amine drug or compound thereof or any salt, compound, isomer, derivative or preparation of the foregoing which is chemically equivalent thereto or other non-narcotic Schedule II stimulant drug, which drugs or compounds are classified under Schedule II of the Alabama Uniform Controlled Substances Act, to any person for the purpose of weight control, weight loss, weight reduction or treatment of obesity. (see section .02)


What is the rule for call-in orders to pharmacies?

Prescriptions or orders for any controlled substance for a patient for the purpose of weight reduction or treatment of obesity shall not be called in to a pharmacy by the physician or an agent of the physician. (see section .03(2))


May a PA or NP prescribe controlled substances for weight reduction?

The legend and controlled drugs a PA or NP is authorized to prescribe are specified in the registration/collaboration agreements and formularies. To prescribe controlled substances, PAs/NPs must apply and be approved for a Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (QACSC). To prescribe Schedule II controlled substances, PAs/NPs must also apply and be approved for a Limited Purpose Schedule II Permit (LPSP). See the Board's web page on controlled substances certificates for more information. Currently, PAs/NPs may only prescribe certain medications for the treatment of obesity. See Board Rules, Chapter 540-X-17 for more information regarding prescribing for obesity/weight loss.

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