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The New Portal is live! If you had a login under the old version you still have to register for the new system.

Important Change: The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners has changed its policy concerning the provision of confidential information to hospitals and other credentialers. The Board is discontinuing providing a “book date” at the Credentialer Portal and will only provide confidential information as follows:
If the credentialer has probable cause to believe that the Board has taken some action concerning a physician, for example, the physician has answered “yes” to a question on the credentialing application, has been convicted of a crime, or has a report on the National Practitioner Data Bank, the credentialer may provide to the Board a release no older than one year that specifically releases the Board from liability for providing confidential information to include health, psychological/psychiatric, and chemical dependency information, along with an explanation of the reason the information is being requested. If the release is appropriate, then the confidential information will be provided. This change will take place with the new credentialer portal.

New Portal Registration

  • To register you will click on the "Enter Portal" button displayed above.
  • On the login screen you will click on the "Credentialer Sign Up" link below the "Login" button.
  • Fill in all the information requested on the “Credentialer Portal Registration” window and Click the "Submit" button.
  • Once access has been approved you will receive an email.
Using the New Portal

  • Once you have received your approval email you can login to the portal using the email address and password you entered during registration.
  • When you sign in you will be directed to your "Current Licenses" section. This is the list of licenses you are monitoring. (It will be blank until you add licenses)
  • To search or add licenses to your list Click on the "Search & Add" button.
  • You can search by license number or name but eiter license number or name is required. Make sure to check the "I am not a Robot" box.
  • To add a license to your list Click on the paper clip icon in the Attach column. Please note you will have to attach each license type you want to monitor.
  • Repeat the search and add steps until all the licenses you wish to monitor have been added.
  • Click on the "Current Licenses" button to view your list. You can Click on the printer icon to view or print the details.
  • To view the Year of Birth and Practice Address you will first have to add the license to the current licenses tracking list. Use the printer icon under the "Current Licensing" to view or print all details.
Tips for the New Portal

  • On the "Search and Add" results as well as the "Current Licenses" you can Click on any of the headings to change how the list is sorted.
  • Under each heading is a "Filters" section. You can type in those sections to filter the results showing. Just type don't press enter. It will filter as you type. For example: If you typed MD in the Filters section of the license type it would show you only the MD license types.
  • If you wish to stop monitoring a license while in the "Current Licenses" section you can click on the trashcan icon next to the license you wish to remove.
  • If you want to change your password you can use the "Change Password" section once you login.
  • Did you forget your password? Use the "Forgot password" link under the "Login" button on the login page.

The credentialer search provides all the information available at the public licensee search that is verified by the Board and Commission (printable statement of accuracy below):

  • license number
  • issue date
  • expiration date
  • medical school information
  • year of birth - To view this information you have to add to your current licenses tracking list and then click on the printer icon under the "Current Licenses" section.

And information provided by licensees but not verified:

  • primary specialty
  • practice address - To view this information you have to add to your current licenses tracking list and then click on the printer icon under the "Current Licenses" section.

We request that upon a credentialer leaving employment, the Board is notified so that the account can be deactivated.

NEW: There is now an online database of all Public Actions (Public Log File) or use our document request form.

If you have any questions, please call Ms. Carla Kruger at (334) 833-0172.

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