Complaints against physicians and physician assistants

Overview of responsibilities

The handling of complaints

Filing a complaint

Overview of responsibilities

Who we regulate:

  • medical doctors (M.D.)
  • doctors of osteopathy (D. O.)
  • physician assistants (P.A.)

We do not regulate:

  • psychologists
  • podiatrists
  • dentists
  • registered nurses
  • other health professionals
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • surgical centers
  • other health care facilities

Our authority is to:

  • receive and investigate complaints
  • conduct investigations
  • enforce regulations
  • impose sanctions when a violation of law or regulation has occurred

The Board has no jurisdiction over actions concerning fees

The handling of complaints

After receiving a complaint, we:

  • determine whether it is within our jurisdiction
  • respond to the complainant and acknowledge receipt
  • may ask for additional information
  • may contact you for a statement

Once the investigation is complete:

  • results of the investigation reviewed by the Board
  • Board votes on a disposition
  • complainant is notified of disposition

Possible Board decisions:

  • there is no basis for action against the license
  • licensee will receive a non-disciplinary letter of concern
  • records are further reviewed by an expert
  • investigation is continued to obtain additional information
  • disciplinary charges are filed

Filing a complaint

To file a complaint:

What happens next:

  • you will receive written acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint
  • you may be mailed a request for additional information
  • you may be contacted by an investigator for the Board
  • you will be notified of the Board's decision
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