Check pending application for certificate of qualification and license to practice medicine

Agenda deadline dates

  • With the license type you are applying for, first name, last name and last four digits of your social security number, you can sign in to the site and check the current status of your application.
  • The checklist will show which items have been received, which items are missing and any comments related to the missing items.
  • NEW: Check the status of applications for new MD, DO, Limited, PA, AA, TA, SP, RSV, CP, QACSC, LPSP, MD Reistatment and DO Reinstatment.

For initial applications for certificate of qualification: 

  • Once an application is complete, it will be placed on the next available monthly Board agenda and you will be mailed the required license application (return with $75 fee) and optional ACSC application (return with $150 fee if obtaining an ACSC).
  • Your application progress page will list the dates your application will be considered and will update when it is approved.
  • You will be provided instructions on obtaining your license number.

Enter check application progress page

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