Temporary Emergency License - COVID-19 Health Emergency

Effective March 23, 2020:

The Board and Commission have established temporary emergency licensure processes to authorize physicians to provide health care to Alabamians suffering from and affected by SARS-CoV-2 and the disease known as COVID-19.

It is anticipated that licenses should be issued within 48 hours of receipt of application.

Physician application - please review rules and application forms and instructions for detailed information

Physician Assistant/Anesthesiologist Assistant temporary emergency license

Applicants must:

  • Possess a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in another state, the District of Columbia, a territory of the United States, or a province of Canada
  • Have graduated from a medical school accredited by the LCME or the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation, or a medical school listed on the IMED or its equivalent
  • Have passed each component of the USMLE or the COMLEX-USA or any of their predecessor examinations accepted by the applicant’s licensing board as an equivalent examination for licensure purposes
  • Have successfully completed graduate medical education approved by the ACGME or the AOA
  • Have never been convicted, received adjudication, community supervision, or deferred disposition of any felony offense or any crime related to fraud, violence, sexual violations, or related to the practice of medicine
  • Have never had a medical license subjected to discipline by a licensing agency in any state, federal, or foreign jurisdiction, excluding any action related to the non-payment of fees related to a license
  • Have never had a controlled substance license or permit suspended or revoked by a state or the U.S. DEA
  • Not be currently under investigation by a licensing agency or law enforcement authority in any state, federal, or foreign jurisdiction
  • Be a United States citizen, a national of the U.S., or an alien lawfully present in the U.S.


A temporary emergency license shall expire on July 21, 2020, or when the Governor proclaims the termination of the state’s public health emergency, whichever is sooner.

The effectiveness of this rule, and any licenses issued under it, may be extended by order of the Governor.

A physician who is issued a temporary emergency license shall also be issued a limited Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate for the sole purpose of treating patients suffering from and affected by SARS-CoV-2 and the disease known as COVID-19. The certificate shall not authorize the physician to prescribe controlled substances via telemedicine.

There is no fee for a temporary emergency license

Rules and applications

Board and Commission Rules for temporary emergency license

Application forms and instructions for temporary emergency license


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