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Recent actions


None to date.


On Oct. 2, the Commission revoked the license to practice medicine or osteopathy in Alabama of Vinson M. DiSanto, DO, lic. no. DO.1189, Springdale AR.

On Oct. 2, the Commission denied the application of Marcus Freeman, MD, Pensacola FL, for a license to practice medicine in Alabama.

Effective Oct. 1, the license to practice medicine in Alabama of Thomas D. Nielsen, MD, lic. no. MD.26107, Birmingham AL, is temporarily suspended pending a hearing before the Commission.


On Sept. 13, the Board denied the application for rehearing of Joseph N. M. Ndolo, MD, lic. no. MD.21199, Fairhope AL.

On Sept. 5, the Board temporarily suspended the license to practice as a physician assistant in Alabama of Katie A. Riegle, PA, lic. no. PA.811, Enterprise AL, pending a hearing.


On Sept. 25, the Commission entered a Consent Order reprimanding and assessing a fine against Sherri L. Studstill, MD, lic. no. MD.33412, Phenix City AL.

Effective Sept. 19, the Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate of Jimmy S. Hankins, DO, lic. no. DO.199, is reinstated to full, unrestricted status.

Effective Sept. 10, the license to practice medicine in Alabama of Edith H. G. McCreadie, MD, lic. no. MD.23369, Mobile AL  36609, is placed on probation.

On Sept. 10, the Commission issued a clarification order concerning Judy O.C. Travis, MD, lic. no. MD.11061, Demopolis AL.

MEDICAL LICENSURE COMMISSION - AUGUST 2019 (too late for newsletter)

Effective Aug. 29, the Commission summarily suspended the license to practice medicine in Alabama of Patrick E. Ifediba, MD, lic. no. MD.19014, Birmingham AL.

Actions for CME (reprimand, fine, additional CME required):

Aubrey P. Schinnerer, MD, lic. no. MD.35088, Birmingham AL

Actions on ACSC for not being registered for PDMP (administrative fine):

None to date.

Actions on ACSC for prescribing controlled substances with expired ACSC (administrative fine):

None to date

Actions for not being registered for Office Based Surgery (administrative fine):

None to date.

Actions for not obtaining/renewing Pain Management Services registration (administrative fine):

None to date.

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