Board staff

Office of the Executive Director
William Perkins Associate Executive Director
Brandi Madderra Executive Assistant
Amy T. Dorminey Board Secretary
William D. Flowers, III Dir. of Communications
Deana Bozeman Dir. of Accounting
Melissa Fryer Administrative Assistant
Scott Johnson Property Manager

Office of the General Counsel
E. Wilson Hunter General Counsel
J. Matthew Hart Associate General Counsel
Virginia B. Reeves Associate General Counsel
Carla H. Kruger Paralegal
Lynde Y. Crowder Legal Assistant

Ashley Hamlett Director of Licensing
Tiffany Seamon Licensing Supervisor
Jacqueline B. Baskin Licensing Assistant/ACSC Coordinator
Angela Morris Licensing Assistant
Rebecca Robbins Licensing Assistant
Kimie Buley Assistants to Physicians Licensing Director
Tammy Kelley Dispensing Registration Coordinator

Physician Monitoring Program
Roland Johnson Director
Burke Britton McMahan Coordinator

Edwin Rogers Chief Investigator
Sam Aikens Investigator
O. V. Chavez Investigator
Becky Daniels Investigator
Randy Dixon Investigator
Roland Johnson Investigator
Stephen Lavender Investigator
Scott Sides Investigator
Devin Whittle Investigator
Kathy Burkett Investigative Specialist
Tammy Kelley Investigative Specialist
Donna Jordan Director, Investigative Analysis

Pain Management/Controlled Substances Task Force
Edwin Rogers Director/Chief Investigator
Bob Steelman Investigator
Brandi Madderra Executive Assistant

Collaborative Practices/QACSC/LPSP
Amanda Hargrove, CRNP Nurse Consultant
Suzanne Lazenby, RN Nurse Consultant
Pat Ward, RN Nurse Consultant
Linda A. Stripling Administrative Assistant
Marshika Watkins Administrative Assistant

Information Technology
Ryan Lynch IT Director
Chris Hart IT Specialist
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