Warning - phishing scams against physicians

Physicians are reporting emails and faxes purporting to be from the Board of Medical Examiners/Medical Licensure Commission stating the physician should enter a web site to validate demographic information or call a phone number and call an investigation officer in order to avoid a license suspension. If you call the number, you are told that you must wire $10,000 in order for your license not to be suspended.

Please be aware that the Board of Medical Examiners and Medical Licensure Commission have not sent these communications. The only web site you would be asked to enter is the Practitioner Portal at our web site, https://abme.igovsolution.com/online/user_login.aspx. You will never be informed by the Board or Commission that your license will be suspended unless you call an investigator. You certainly would not be asked to wire money to avoid suspension.

A close examination of these phishing attempts reveals that while they contain valid license numbers, NPI numbers, and specialties, the communications contain inconsistencies such as an email address not ending in @albme.org or @almlc.org (the only extensions used by the Board and Commission), area codes other than 205 or 334, misspellings, and references to other agencies such as DEA.

Examples of the communications:

Phishing Email Phishing Fax

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