FAQs-Limited Purpose Schedule II Permit (LPSP) for QACSC holders (PAs/CRNPs/ CNMs)

How can someone check to see which medications are approved for an LPSP holder to prescribe?

Look up the permit holder by name or LPSP number in our searchable database.  The list of approved medications as well as the supervising/collaborating and covering physicians is available on the results page.

What is an LPSP?

An LPSP is a limited permit that allows qualified applicants to prescribe specific Schedule II and/or IIN (non-narcotic) controlled substances under specific circumstances.

An LPSP may not be utilized for purchasing, obtaining, maintaining or ordering of any stock supply or inventory of any controlled substance in any form.

When can a PA/CRNP/CNM apply for an LPSP?

An applicant must first hold a current, active and unrestricted Qualified Alabama Controlled Substanes Certificate, have a current registration or collaborative practice agreement, and submit the application forms and fee.

LPSP applicants must also have obtained a registration certificate from DEA and be registered for the Prescription Drug Monitoring Database.

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