Definition of dispensing physician

[A]ny physician licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy in Alabama who shall order for and deliver to a patient a controlled substance for the patient’s use, where the controlled substance is purchased for resale to the patient. The registration requirement shall be applicable to all physicians who dispense or cause to be dispensed any controlled substance for consumption or administration by a patient off the premises of the clinic, hospital or other facility where the physician practices, without respect to whether the controlled substance was purchased by an individual physician, a professional association or professional corporation, a for-profit or not-for-profit corporation, a hospital, a clinic, or other medical facility. Sample medications which are labeled as samples and which are not for resale pursuant to laws and regulations pertaining to the Federal Food and Drug Administration are excluded for the purposes of this rule. A controlled substance which is consumed by or administered to a patient while the patient is being treated in a facility where the physician practices is not considered to be dispensed for the purposes of this rule. Resale to a patient may occur without a separate charge being made for the controlled substance.

Board of Medical Examiners Administrative Rules Chapter 540-X-4

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